Aggreys Traum im Magazin Kontinente

Die Fortsetzung von Aggreys Traum wurde im katholischen Magazin Kontinente veröffentlicht.
Seit unserer ersten Reise hat Aggrey viel bewegt und passt seinen Traum immer wieder an, um seinen Nachbarn Hoffnung zu geben.


Kontinente veröffentlicht regelmäßig gute Reportagen über Themen, die mit christlichem Glauben in aller Welt zu tun haben. Aufgrund des schönen Magazinbeitrags haben sich weitere Förderer für Aggreys Schule bei mir gemeldet.


Uwe H. Martin is a visual storyteller and multimedia producer at the Bombay Flying Club. He works mainly on long‐term, in‐depth documentary projects that combine photography with documentary film, text and sound. Currently he partners with Frauke Huber on a set of multimedia documentaries about the global commons water, seed and land: White Gold investigates the social and environmental effects of global cotton production. Their new visual research project LandRush explores the impact of large-scale agro investments on rural economies and land-rights, the boom of renewable fuels, the reallocation of land and the future of agriculture around the world. Both series are part of the collaborative art and research project World of Matter. In 2010, Uwe founded Aggreys Dream, a project supporting a slum school in Mombasa, Kenya, which became the blueprint for the establishing of the Freelens Foundation. Over the years Uwe H. Martin has received numerous recognitions and awards for his work including the German Reporter Award 2011, the Greenpeace Award in 2014 and the Development Media Award 2013. He also serves on the jury of the Lumix Multimedia Award, the CPOY and the Bosch Masterclass „Future of Science Journalism“, where he is also part of the faculty. Uwe studied photojournalism in Hanover, Germany and with the support of a Fulbright grant at the Missouri School of Journalism. Besides his photographic practice Uwe is teaching photography and multimedia storytelling at many different locations around the world among them the Camera Arts program at Lucerne University, Akademie für Publizistik in Hamburg, the Freelens Multimedia Workshops, the Fachhochschule Bielefeld and the University for the Arts in Bremen.

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